Bird is a Verb (Ink, ink brush, watercolor, pen, marker, and acrylic on paper, December 2015)
untitled (oil pastel on paper, 2013)
AHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Ink, pen, marker, ink brush on paper)
Self Love (ink, ink brush, watercolor, crayon on paper, Oct. 25, 2015)
Sadness: the Rear View (ink, ink brush, crayon, pencil on paper, October 2014)
Untitled (ink, watercolor, oil pastel, and pencil on paper, 2014)
No Sarcasm Can Stop This Tiger (ink, acrylic, marker, pen, and watercolor on acrylic paper, 2015)
Comin' Thro the Rye (pen, ink, Nov. 9, 2015)
My Inner Space, So Golden (ink, pen, acrylic, 2014)
Patterns (pen, marker, and ink on paper, 2015)
Holiday Inframince (Oil color, oil paint stick, and ink on paper, December 2015)
Self Portrait of My Toothache (oil color, pen, and ink on acrylic paper, 2016)
Home Thoughts: Homer's Nostalgia (ink, pen on paper, 2015)
Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, Can't Chu See (ink and watercolor on paper, 2015)
Why Sit Down When You Can Lie Down (ink, pen, marker on paper, 2015)
Untitled (sold at the Mint Gallery's annual postcard pinup show, December 2015)
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